Offline Explorer Enterprise

Offline Explorer Enterprise

Archive Websites automatically and publish them in your Intranet
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MetaProducts Offline Explorer Enterprise 5.3 is the newest released version of this program. It is delivered on a try-before-buy basis. We can easily download the trial version available from the developer’s website. When installing, we can select the program language between English, Magyar, Italian, French, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, and Brazilian Portuguese. This software gives us the opportunity to download unlimited files from Web, FTP, PNM, HTTPS, MMS, and RTSP sites to our hard drive. Once downloaded, we can go offline and use its built-in browser to view, browse, edit, and search them. It allows us to create E-books with our downloaded information and burn them to a disk. We can update this product both automatically and manually. The New Project Wizard will provide systematic instructions for us to add an URL address, select the numbers of pages to be loaded, choose, and skip the type of file, select one or several locations, etc. The software has been fixed and now presents several improved features and some completely new options. For example, an edit context menu has been added to the Address bar, also Skip Parsing Before option to the URLs field command. We can now specify non-integer delays between downloads, access the new BitTorrent download dialog, specify folder for BitTorrent download, and many more.

Review summary


  • We can create E-books with tons of information
  • Useful Wizard
  • Free Trial Demo
  • Available in several languages


  • Not an inexpensive tool
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