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Offline Explorer Enterprise 7.6

Download entire websites and browse them offline on your computer
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Offline Explorer Enterprise lets you browse complete websites in offline mode by prefetching their contents and storing them locally. The tool has a straightforward interface, with quite a modern look. Fortunately, it is easy to start a new project if you use the corresponding wizard.

Setting a project requires providing a starting URL and a target download folder. Likewise, it is essential to set limits, which tell the program how deep in the structure you want to navigate. The program allows using filters; thus, you can avoid downloading unnecessary files, such as pictures, videos or audio recordings). Moreover, downloading a project´s contents can be started right away or otherwise be scheduled for a more convenient time. It is also very opportune that you can use proxy-based connections.

The product certainly has multiple features that make it stand out from the competition. It suffices to say that the program supports downloading the incredible figure of up to 100 million URLs per project. Similarly, it can update projects without needing to download everything once more. Luckily, it also works very fast as it uses multiple download threads. And bear in mind that these are just a few of its benefits.

All in all, Offline Explorer Enterprise can come in extremely handy when you frequently need to access a given website and there is no internet connection or when you are charged with Internet usage. The product is available in various editions: Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. Unfortunately, although the one being reviewed here is the most powerful, it is also very expensive.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports a huge number of URLs per project
  • Connects through a proxy server if required
  • Allows setting limits
  • Downloads various simultaneous threads
  • Updates projects
  • Allows scheduling downloads
  • Wizard-based project creation
  • Allows using content filters


  • Too pricey
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