Offline Explorer Enterprise

Offline Explorer Enterprise 8.0

Download and archive entire websites on regular intervals

Downloading web pages and even entire web sites, either for backup purposes or simply to be able of browsing them off-line, is not always as straightforward as it seems. Offline Explorer Enterprise offers companies and webmasters an integral solution to grab millions of URLs in a fast, secure, and convenient manner, and export them into various formats for a safe and comprehensive archiving.

Though it comes with a useful Project Wizard that can guide novice users through the entire download process, Offline Explorer Enterprise may not be the most appropriate web site downloader to start off with. This is a professional tool designed for professionals who require powerful and flexible solutions to fulfil the complex requirements of the enterprise world. That’s why MetaProducts also offers a standard and a Pro version of Offline Explorer to fit all different needs.

As it happens with most professional tools, the program’s interface may look a bit intimidating at first. Its ribbon-based look and feel, though, will help Office users to find their way through the various tabs and menus in no time. Site downloads are organized in projects, which you can start just by clicking on the corresponding button or by using the Project Wizard. In both cases, you’ll be presented with a plethora of settings and options that will help you to fine-tune your download. You can set usernames and passwords for protected sites, and define the download levels, the file types to be downloaded or ignored, various URL filters, and you can even schedule your downloads in the most flexible way.

Among many other features, this tool offers you a set of templates that will allow you to download just one page, only the images, only the media files, only the posts belonging to a specific forum topic, a blog, etc. Besides, you can always design your own templates here and save them for future use. Equally interesting are the export options – once you have downloaded your files, you can choose to save them to disk or be a bit more creative. Thus, you can save them as a ZIP or EXE file, upload them to an FTP site, save them as HTML files (including CHM help files), or as a MAFF archive, a Mozilla archive format specifically designed for multiple web pages.

There are many other features worth mentioning, such as the program’s bit torrent support, its resume options for interrupted downloads, the possibility to download missing files, and even to update downloaded pages (a kind of “incremental download”). The possibilities are endless, but that’s for you to discover. You can start by downloading the program’s trial version and check for yourself the many things Offline Explorer Enterprise can do for you and your company.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Offers fully configurable download templates
  • Exports to HTML, ZIP, EXE, and MAFF files
  • Includes a download wizard
  • Supports the bit torrent protocol
  • Downloads various sites simultaneoulsy
  • You can select the file types to download


  • Project execution may be confusing, as download processes are not obvious
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